Ethology and Horse Training Clinics

The Riding Centre Saint-François has routinely specifict training sessions around various disciplines with highly qualified experts.

Sid Cook

Breeder and great cowboy native of Alberta (Canada), Sid Cook is often called upon in Corsica to provide his incomparable knowledge. Either for beginners or confirmed riders, he will be of great assistance to perfect your skills.

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Lyne Laforme

Lyne Laforme is known as a performance level 3 coach certified by the Equestrian Federation of Quebec and Canada. Her 35 years experience and her passion for the horses has positioned her to play a leading role in Quebec and abroad in teaching her program. She is significantly involved in training both the beginners and the brightest. Her objective is to enable them to gain solid knowledge and to improve the relationship with the horse, while keeping a focus on safety and riding pleasure. Her cheerfulness and generosity combined with her high quality communication skills make her a very effective resource in the equestrian community.

In addition to her role of trainer, Lyne Laforme also holds the position of judge at the FEI, NRHA and FEQ which enables her to act during the international competitions approved by the International Reining Federation and during world level competitions in Europe and North America. She has been organizing for more than 15 years specific training courses, mainly in France, as well as video projections on the Internet. In 2011 Actes Sud has published a book written by Lyne: "Manuel de l'équitation western: un plaisir partagé ". To date, more than 5000 copies have been sold, a real success for a book specialized in western equitation. A DVD is also available: "L'ABC de l'équitation western, Complicité: Les bases essentielles". A new DVD will be released in 2016.

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Cécile Degioanni

With 25 years of experience and her love for horses, Cécile Degioanni raises her foals in the greatest respect of the animals and their welfare. She is the manager of the Riding Centre Saint François and is offering to share her passion with the riders being an instructor for trail riding, ethological training courses and, alternatively, western equitation training courses.

Her cavalry mainly consists of horses which attest to the quality of her work because born at the riding centre and raised by her. Cécile is well known for her kindness and generosity and is always willing to contribute positively and to support young horse owners who face difficulties or need help to break in a young horse. Formed by big names in the discipline such as Sid Cook and Lyne Laforme, Cécile has proven her value since then and is widely recognized throughout the profession for her talent.