Teaching: trainings, individual our group courses

Land-based courses


Getting to know your horse is one of the most important step to become a good rider and this should include an effective communication. Ethology courses will permit you to learn the basics of this work or to develop your skills and commitment.

Ethology courses are open to everyone and held annually (on reservation) or during training sessions throughout school holidays (except July and August).

1 hour 55 €

Horse coaching

This training is open to all. The horse coaching uses the animal as a mediator in developing self-awareness.

Next to a horse in liberty in a lunge ring, you will learn how to situate yourself in order to communicate with the horse while learning to know yourself.

1 hour 35 €

Mounted courses

Cattle sorting

Learn how to train the cattle in a fun way with well trained horses, just as cowboys used to do before us. Come calmly near the herd to separate and select the cattle in an animal welfare friendly way.

There are several activities. The "team penning" , for example, is practised in a three-rider team competition and is about separating three calves, chosen by a jury, from the main herd and confine them in a pen within a limited time.

Working with livestock is a playful exercise and, at the same time, very instructive because it forces the rider to work as a team and to pay particular attention for his horse and for the environment.

The Riding Centre Saint-François is used to practicing those activities for competition in Corsica and on the mainland; it offers you the chance to acquire or improve its know-how in this field during a half-day workshop split into three distinct parts: one hour theory, one hour training and one hour riding.

Team Penning competitions
Ranch Sorting competitions

Hereunder, you will find links to videos showing the range of disciplines in cattle sorting practised by the Riding Centre Saint-François :

1 heure 45 €

Cutting with buffalos